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Her $80 per/hr trainer no-showed.

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Snow on Thursday day huh?? Eeeeyuck….

Not my cuppa tea i’m afraid, i’m not one for the cold. I’m not sure how I ended up living on the dark side of the moon…my body temperature needs are much more suited to Florida, or Texas, or anywhere South of here.

And you know what, I remember when I used to teach boot camps outside in the parks. It was always a big debate…when to start classes? When should be get back at it after a Winter inside church basements and school gyms. I remember cancelling classes due to rain, due to storms and due to heat. I remember the smell of the school gyms and musty basements of community centres and churches.

I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to have a business that is as unreliable as Toronto weather or has to work around myriad bakesales the local church has put on.

And you know, this really goes for a lot of things…I think I am just too old to not have things done properly. I like to pay more to have everything done properly. I like to pay more for reliability and I like to make more to ensure that when I need something, it is there.

I was talking to a client this morning and she was telling me about the circus she is currently involved in a local big box gym that just opened up.

See, they promised her a free personal training session as a sign up bonus. GREAT, she thought – they usually charge $80 a session. However, since being promised such tall tales, she has been bumped around to three different trainers, she has been canceled on last minute and one time, she showed up…but her trainer didn’t.

Nice eh?

You see, when it comes down to it, you can’t get away with going for the cheapest options and still getting the results you want. Something is always lacking. Maybe it’s consistency, maybe it’s reliability or maybe it’s not trusting that your trainer is going to show up.

But i’m ok with it. The more they screw up, the more people seek me out.

Because while the big gyms try to outshine me with fancy juice bars and lavender scented steam rooms, they can never beat me when it comes to reliability, consistency, customer service and of course results.

After all, what kind of results can you get if your trainer doesn’t show up?

I dunno. People complain that I am expensive, they complain that I am 3 times the price of a gym. And that’s ok, the door swings both ways as they say.

But if you are tired with your current gym, if you are tired with unreliable boot camps and if you are tired of smelling like moth-eaten knitting, then try something new. It’s only $29 and it’ll shake up that boring gym routine any day of the week.

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Can’t wait to show you a whole other world of working out

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