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Her See Through Yoga Pants Were A Lesson Indeed.

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So, many moons ago, I was interviewing for a new personal trainer. A good friend of mine referred a female trainer to me and I was pretty excited at finding someone awesome to take over my clients.

The trainer arrived, sat down and we began to chat. She was very experienced, knew what she was doing, chatty little personality….things were looking up!

We talked about schedule and her availability a little and I went on to ask her “how flexible she was”.

Truly, I was talking about her timing and availability to work for me.

NOT her actual flexibility.

And so, you can imagine my surprise when, mid interview, she hopped off her chair, lay on her back, and (with some VERY see-through yoga pants on) proceeded to grab her toes and pull them behind her head.

My eyes burned as I realized some things can never be unseen and that underwear is mandatory…every single day, no exceptions.

Once her demonstration was over, she hopped back on her chair and we proceeded on with the interview. I never did find out what hours she could work for me.

So, what am I getting at here?

I guess some of you will see the lesson as “proper articulation” and explaining yourself clearly so people understand what you want them to do.

And some of you will see the lesson as “proper listening” and understanding what is asked of you before you jump to conclusions.

And both are right.

And both apply to your wellness journey.


If you are chasing another weight loss FAD…you are going to look like an ass.

AND…if you are not listening to what your body wants from you…you are going to look like an ass.

^^ Both of which are better than seeing one during an interview.

So before you go and do something desperate like Bernstein I want you to do 2 things:

Ask yourself what you honestly want from yourself and write it down.Listen to the answer carefully. I can bet it’s not donuts and ice-cream! I bet it’s to feel happy, healthy, strong and young.

Oh and 3) shoot Andrew (our Sales Director) an email and tell him what your wrote down. Andrew lost 80 pounds at boot camp this year but he came from a place of misery and pain. His 2 week test drive at boot camp is going to be the first step to providing what you body actually wants.

And, it won’t be as scary as you think. Email Andrew here:

He will hook you up.

Talk soon!

Misty “ask and you shall receive” Mozejko

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