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Do you just assume there is NO HOPE for you? 

Do you feel like you are a lost cause? Like there is really no gym or diet plan that can help?

Sucks to feel that helpless right? Sucks to feel so alone. In fact, you might start getting mad at the world because NO-ONE CAN HELP YOU.

Well, guess what? You've got yourself all worked up over nothing because actually, there is a solution that will work where every other option has failed.

THIS GURL right here.

*points 2 thumbs at chest*

Look, I'm not just smack talkin', check out what Natalie just texted me:

"Misty just another quick message to really tell you that you are amazing and have been a huge source of motivation for me.  You have helped myself and so many others like me. This is the first time in my life that I can say I am proud of myself. When I first walked in to your Bootcamp I really thought there was no hope for me. It was a really bad situation…So thanks is not enough♡"

Natalie is 65 pounds down now and didn't come to me with a life of roses. Oh no. She came from a dark time and, over the past 6 months, has risen like a Phoenix.

But this just goes to show (and this is NOT to take away from Natalie's triumphs) that everyone needs a support team. Everyone needs a mentor. Everyone needs someone to cheer them on from the sidelines. 

You need a place like 10,000 Strong to keep you going, through good times and bad.

No man is an island and when you have to combat something as difficult as weight loss, you better make sure you have your fitness family there to keep you going.

Look, I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that my weight loss program is quick, easy and guaranteed to work within 2 weeks.

I'm not even gonna blow smoke up your ass and promise you that it will be smooth sailing and that the weight will just melt off.


It'll be challenging, some weeks more than others, and for sure there will come a time here you want to whip an egg white omelette at my face…

But…and this is my promise..

No matter how hard it gets OR how pointless if feels…

Our 10,000 Strong team will be there every step of the way (wiping the egg whites out of our eyes).

So, if you are looking for a fitness and nutrition program that promises to be THE ONE PROGRAM THAT STUCK…

Then you'll need to grab a 2 week test drive today so you come try us out. Your two weeks with is includes a welcoming environment offering 45 class options per week. We will NOT scream at you until you puke, we do not look wander around in booty shorts and bra tops and we certainly lift tractor tires over our had as an overt display of power and strength. No. We workout. Like normal human beings (wth a touch of She-ra: Princess of Power).

Come on now…you gotta start sometime right??

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong 

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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