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hour long rock em sock em workouts suck.

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Ever sat there and just thought “oh my god, I just don’t think I can mentally handle working out today”..?

Driving to your gym, going to the change rooms to peel off your work clothes, slogging through a gruelling and boring 1 hour workout, going back to the change room, showering in flip flops (if you remembered them or you simply stand in a urine soaked shower stall), trying to get your jeans back over your wet thighs and then, finally back out to your freezing cold car…

…oh I remember those days well.

It’s a mental workout just persuading yourself to go through that entire rigmarole let alone the 60 minutes of yelling and loud music.

No wonder you don’t want to go.

I wouldn’t either 🙂 Sounds like my own personal hell.

And so when I built 10,000 Strong, I took a way more realistic, effective and time-considerate approach to your workouts. You don't need 60 minutes when you workout like we do at 10,000 Strong, the  30 minute workouts we do get the job done. And more.

 I mean, it’s just 30 minutes. You can slip in and slip out.

You don’t need to psyche yourself up for 30 minutes. You don’t need to spend the day dreading your workout. 

It’s simply a non-issue. Just another thing you did that day. 30 minutes for yourself and not 2 hours that you stole away from your family. From making the dinner, from driving the kids to practice.

Let’s be honest I know, that unless you are a dedicated gym rat, you do not want to dedicate more than 30 minutes to your workout a few times a week. 

And, correct me if I am wrong, but I bet you my dear reader are a mom, a student, you have a job, you have a and family to maintain and probably pet or 3 to deal with.

Gym rats we are not.

So just let it go and remember that at 10,000 Strong we can accomplish everything and more inside 30 minutes than those long and drawn out hour long "rock em sock em" workouts can.

And that’s a fact.

If you feel you are more a 30 minute kinda person and that this will better fit your busy schedule then you should come try some of our 30 minute classes….we offer 45 a week ya know:

Grab a 2 week test drive here and slip in something good for yourself this holiday season:

See ya in 30

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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