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How a former junkie rose above addiction

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Being a former junkie gives me insights that not everyone can understand.

Now I’m not talking about smack or anything like that I’m talking about food. I was a junk food junkie and it was one of the worst feelings in the world.

Let me show you how my addiction worked:

My wife is out of town for a work conference and I am alone in the house for 2 days with nothing but me and my two beauty Golden
Retrievers. After feeding my goldies I would hit the grocery store looking to grab some eats for the weekend.

Never going with a plan, never thinking about grabbing foods from all the food groups for well balanced meals.

It was so bad.

I would grab some bagels, margarine (who the hell knows what really is in that shit), those Ritz Handi-snack “cheese” cracker things (cheese is in quotations because that ain’t no cheese), chocolate milk, couple of frozen pizzas, bag of french fries and a couple of bags of chips. And to top it off maybe a sleeve of cookies or ice cream or both.

Notice a pattern here. Barf

Now with a cart full of food like products checking out was always the most embarrassing part. I would look to find the shortest line possible. I didn’t want all that crap sitting on the belt for too long for people to judge me. I knew it was bad for me and I just couldn’t stop. I could have got a job as the fastest grocery bagger because I got that crap into those bags as quick as humanly possible.

Thankfully I have turned a corner and my cart no longer looks like that of a junkie.

Now, I am proud of my cart. It’s full of things like spinach, organic chicken breast, fruits, vegetables, almond milk, raw nuts and other good for you items. I don’t have to seek out the smallest line and bag the groceries as quickly as possible anymore. It feels good to not have that stress anymore.

What helped me turn it around was having a meal plan that I could trust and that I liked to eat. Having a grocery list and an easy plan that I could follow and implement made all the difference.

What’s funny is that now I notice all the awful carts of so many at the grocery stores. Mom’s loading up with pudding, granola bars, sugar cereals, white bread, juice, pop, chips, frozen foods, crackers I could go on and on. No wonder we struggle with our weight. It’s quite sad really.

If you are tired of struggling and want a plan that can help you feel better in as little as 7 days then check this out:

I have a done for you plan from Misty Mozejko RHN called Slim By Sunday that is easy to execute and tastes great.

· Grab and go options are needed in this day and age and Misty has explained exactly which ones you can turn to.

· Flexibility makes it easier to stick to. Feel free to mix up the order of your 5 meals, your results will still be stunning.

· Even the busiest person will be able to put this meal plan into action.

Oh and it’s also on sale right now! So don’t hesitate because it won’t be on sale for too long.

Click this link for your Slim By Sunday plan.

Did I mention it’s only $9 right now!?

Andrew (Man with the plan)

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