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How to de-stress when you are overwhelmed.

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Life can be so hectic.

The struggle between what we want and what we must do is rampant.

Sometimes the weekends have little solace as we run to hockey games, plan parties, visit with family…

Money is a massive stressor.

Family too…

And illness….these three things can destroy your sanity and make you feel extremely overwhelmed.

So what is one to do when you are so burned out that you don’t know where to turn?

The last thing you want is ONE MORE THING on your plate.

First things first…I want you to take a daily dump. A brain dump that is.

On a blank sheet of paper, write the date in the middle. And the around this date, write all the things that are running through your mind.

Tasks you need to complete, things that worry you, things that are screaming for attention.

Get them all out.

Once you have written all of it down and got it out of your brain, start going through them and finding some solutions.

Remember, you don’t have to do it all.

Some things can be outsourced, cancelled or shoved over to another month when life has calmed down.

Things like laundry, dishes and cleaning should not be high on the priority list and can be outsourced quickly to a cleaning person or a family member.

Find your most pressing issues on your brain dump and address them first. Find a solution if you can.

If you find that your weight, your health or your self image is factoring into the list…then let me help you.

I have answers, I have solutions. Together I know we can take that off the list.

If finances are on the list, there are people to help with that too.

There are endless amounts of resources, people and organizations that can help you….you just have to ask.

Start with me, if I can help I will and if not, I bet I know someone who can 🙂

If you like, you can simply hit reply and get it all out of your system right now.

I’m listening 🙂

Misty “has taken many a brain dump” Mozejko

PS: Stress relief also comes in the form of exercise you know:

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