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How to overcome Weight Resistance

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Hey gang…

look, 35 people have already signed up to come and see the infamous Dr Phil at our studio.

Dr Phil is coming in to talk about WHY it’s so bloody hard to lose weight EVEN if you are eating well and working out every day.

There is a switch we can flip to help – and he will tell you all about it.

There are 5 key ingredients to a healthy life – and he will explain them.

AND…there are things we can do that do not require more exercise and less food that will help shift our bodies into a fat burning mode.

So come and learn how to flip you own internal fat burning switch on April 25th, 6:55pm (if you are late you have to do 100 burpees) at the studio located at Hwy 2 and Thickson (1645 Dundas Street East).

This is a free seminar and after sending out only 1 single email…we actually only have 10 spots left.

So, register below for the free seminar and get yourself one of the last spots.

I won’t be sending out any more emails about this as we will totally oversell the floor space and well…unless you want a stranger on your lap…we should cut it off 😉

Ok, here is your registration link….if it works, you are in. If it doesn’t work you’ll know that we sold out and I had take the link down.

Good luck! Hope to see you there.

Misty RHN
Owner @ 10000 Strong Boot Camp

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