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Howdafuq did you keep going?

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So Anne grilled me over email. She wanted and needed the answers to these three questions:

  • When you made the decision to start your weight loss journey, how did you stay on track?
  • How did you manage to avoid the foods you loved without going nuts?
  • How did you manage the energy to keep going when you started to get active.

And actually, these three different questions are really just one question which can be asked:

Howdafuq did you keep going?

In reality, we can all start a fitness and weight loss program with the motivation of one thousands suns…but…come 4 week, 8 week, 12 week mark we slip down into an abyss of self hatred and cinnamon rolls.

So what Anne wants to know, is when that inevitable motivation slump hit…how did you drag yourself through kicking and screaming when all you wanted to do is spread sticky, sugary, cinnamon icing all over your body and then lick it off?

Well the fact is…I made a promise to myself.

I made a commitment to me.

And while I sure as shit can rationalize my way out of any promise to anyone on earth…there is no excuse I can make myself believe as to why I am weaselling out of my commitment.

So a) a promise to myself is worth keeping

and b) Truly and honestly, I loved feeling GOOD.

I loved feeling worn out after a workout, I loved the energy I was given. I loved knowing that no matter what, I was only one workout away from feeling awesome.

And it was this feeling that kept me going. It was knowing that I had the option of feeling great or lousy. I had the choice of being in control or out of control. I had the opportunity to go hang out with my friend and like minded people….OR, bury my head in the sand and avoid them all.

And so I chose to feel good.

And honestly, that’s what kept me going.

So it’s nothing to do with discipline. It’s nothing to do with forcing yourself to do thing you don’t want to do.  It’s actually everything to do with feeling good and wanting to feel good forever….

So, in bad times, focus on the good.

Of course it helps to have a fitness sanctuary to flee to when you are feeling demotivated. It’s actually life-saving when you know you can just show up at the studio and be greeted with a bunch of smiling faces that will instantly put you in a good mood.

And….this would’t be a Misty email if I didn’t invite you to come in and feel good for just 2 weeks now would I. So, please, take this $29 offer and start feeling awesome about working out and eating right:

I wanna see you smile 😉

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