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HUGE Personal Training/Nutritionist Discount For 5 people only

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So look, I know that for some, Boot Camp group fitness is just never going to work.

There are a tonne of reasons why.

Maybe you prefer to work out alone.
Maybe the boot camp schedule is not the greatest.
Maybe you just would prefer a one on one setting rather than a class full of people.

I get it.

I totally get it.

The reason I have a personal trainer is accountability.

Sure I can go to boot camp whenever I want, but I am so busy that I need to make appointments with my

I need to know that 3 times a week, I have set aside this time to get strong and work on myself.
I need to know that a trainer is waiting for me and if I don’t go, i’m letting them down.
I need to know that even when I am super tired from my hectic life, I STILL must workout because I have committed my time and my trainers time to it.
I also have some specific goals.
Ever since the divorce I have been super focused on becoming a female hulk.
I want to be as physically strong as I am mentally strong.

And so I squat and lift really heavy things.

So look, IF you are this person who needs to jump into some personal training I have an offer you cannot refuse.

Our typical rates for training are $397 a month.

BUT if you sign up now, I am going to reduce that price dramatically for you.

So if you want to train 2 times per week – instead of paying $900 for 3 months, I’ll charge you $650 (plus tax)

If you want to train 3 times per week, instead of paying $1200 for 3 months i’ll charge you $850 (plus tax)

You can ONLY do this on a paid in full option, no monthly payments for this offer.

And guess what….I can only do it for 5 people.

You start November and you’ll train through January.

Right through the heart of the BIGGEST WEIGHT GAIN SEASON of the year,

You will meet your nutritionist first to get going with your meal planning and then hop into sessions with your trainer,

Sound good?

This will sell out FAST so jump on it while you can

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