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Hump Day Motivation

In: fitness

Well helllllooooooo Hump Dayyyyyy…

It’s that time of week again….”make or break” time.

Wednesday is seen as the middle of the week…but really, it’s not.

Maybe if you are thinking about your work week…then yeh. Only 2 more days till the weekend – whoooo..

BUT…in the workout world….Wednesday means you still have 5 more workout days available.

And now that our studio has classes every day of the week – then you don’t ever need to worry about WHERE to workout. need to be active EVERY DAY… <<< SUCKS RIGHT? No, not really. I mean, i’m not talking 2 hours sweating out in a death-match weights workout. We are not The Rock after all. No, I am talking about on MOST days of the week – say 3-4, get a good 30 minute boot camp in at the studio. And then, on the other days you can throw in a 20 minute run, a yoga session or maybe a hike. Your body really enjoys movement, sweating and getting it’s systems a good run through and so movement everyday is needed. And for me, with my all-or-nothing personality, I find that if I commit to moving and working out every day, then I tend to stick to it MORE than if I worked out say 3 times a week. I dunno…I just love to know that, no matter what, I make my muscles work every day. And it’s this type of lifestyle we are trying to promote…look, as I said, we are not all bikini models or body building beefcakes. No, we are a crew of people who know how GOOD it feels to feel GOOD. The energy, the tighter body, the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment….this is the drug that keeps up coming back for more. can try us out any time you like but I would say Summer is the best time for new experiences… Grab a 2 week trial here and see if we are what your body and soul need this Summer (yep…we are a fully air conditioned in door studio…no mosquitos or rain-days here my friends): See ya soon Misty RHN 10,000 Strong: a fitness and nutrition revolution.

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