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I ate fruit. Grapes. I drank wine.

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What is the absolute BARE minimum you can get away with to lose weight? Is there such a thing OR does it have to be full force, full on, full focus every day…?

Well…I think the more FULL ON you are, the quicker you get results, but as long as you try to do SOMETHING every day you’ll keep ticking along towards your goals..

It’s all about HOW FAST you want to get there.

Now, some weeks, you might workout 7 times, eat egg whites and basically live like a superhero.

And some weeks, you *might* remember to eat a fruit. Grapes. You drank wine every day.


Some weeks life is calm, positive and energetic, lending itself perfectly to consistent workouts and clean eating…

…and some weeks you spin around in a cyclone of stress while your brain leaks out of your ears.

And the problem I see is that the “cyclone of stress weeks” really,really throw people off for a lot longer than the actual 7 days of stress.

It can throw you off for months and it’s during this time that you simply MUST have something to cling to.

You must have SOMETHING you can focus on that will keep you on track, you must have that rock you can cling too.

Enter 10,000 Strong.

It doesn’t matter how bad things get, it doesn’t matter have stressful life can be, as long as you focus on getting to your workouts you will be OK.

This is life folks…sometimes you are up and will be able to do everything we ask. You’ll be on point with your meal plans and you’ll be at boot camp 4 times a week…

…and then sometimes the only thing you can do is focus on that next 30 minute workout and getting yourself to the studio so you can grind it out and resume wine drinking as you sniffle into a ball of tissues.

BUT, if you can weather the ups and downs of life and you allow 10,000 Strong to be your rock…I can 100% promise that you will get to the goals you dream of.

You just need to be able to focus on us.

Our little rock has plenty of room for you! There are lots of supportive hands ready to show you how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and of course our trainers will design all your workouts for you.

All you gotta do is show up so grab a 2 week test drive here and we can get started:

I promise, this is one island you’ll never get voted off.

Till tomorrow

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong


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