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I heard on the rumour mill…

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So, I hear on the rumour mill a local gym had a few issues.

And by issues, I mean, keeping your doors open to your clients type issues.

Yikes….that’s never a good thing when you have thousands of hungry gym goers who need their daily fix!

Now, from what I can deduce, they are back open after what seems to be an extended power outage. Good news for everyone involved.

And look, I am not here to rip apart the big box gym congloms (for once) but it does remind me that being a smaller, more customer-centric studio has it’s advantages.

See, my customers are my babies. My customers pay the bills, and keep the power on. Without them, I would be sitting on my thumb..

I know every single day how blessed I am to have all 150 of my studio members. Without them, there would be no 10000 Strong, no Whitby Boot Camp.

I thank god for my training family, I thank god for my trainers. Without this cohesive community of people, the empire we are creating would be nothing.

As a small business owner, in a community that I love, I want nothing but the best for my members. I know every single one of them personally, I know them by face. I know their dogs names and what their kids look like.

I know when they are on vacation, getting married and having babies. WHY do I know all that? Because as a studio I CARE. My clients are NOT another face in the crowd. You are not just a membership to me.

Your success matters to me. Your strength matters to our trainers and your health matters to our nutritionist.

We know each person inside and out (literally) and that’s the way a gym should be run.

When you pay your gym membership fee you flash your entrance pass as the gate as you walk in. No-one cares if you show up or not. No-one cares how hard you workout. No-one cares if you eat cake after you’re done.

There is no-one to hold you accountable. And if you are paying money, shouldn’t there be someone on the other end who cares?

I dunno, I just hate to see our commnunity let down by people they trust.

Any hoo, that’s my daily rant. As a business owner who cares about the health and wellness of our community, I just needed to get that off my chest.

And if you are beginning to feel the same way, then don’t hesitate to try out a 2 week test drive out at our studio.

We always love to welcome new faces who are in need of something a little more hands on.

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