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I just taught the BEST CLASS.

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I don’t teach much these days, there are much fitter, leaner, and more motivating trainers on staff I am sure.

BUT…when I do teach…you don’t forget it.

Imagine this:

You walk into the studio full of laughter. Our boot camp golden retriever welcomes you at the door and you can hear the energizing music in the background.

The room is cool as the AC is on and as you slip into your workout shoes you see the instructor has set up the room with a new workout.

Another new workout…new workouts make it go so quickly.

We start off with a fun warm up…today it was trying to do a handstand….and once you conquer your fears you mindset is ready to work!

Today class was epic…there were weights and kettle bells, lunges and squats.

We even did the “butt burner”.

And EVERYONE is grunting and groaning.

There is sweat pouring off peoples faces.

There is moaning and muscle rubbing.

Someone has a quick laugh as you realize that everyone is in the same boat….and loving it.

With 8 people in the class, we can really get into some one on one adjustments and assistance.

As the class moves on, you feel the camaraderie.

You can feel the bonding.

The last few minutes are the kicker….the last few minutes are pure energy.

It hurts and you want to stop.

But you won’t, because everyone is in sync working together.

The class ends and you have never felt better…..


Yes it’s about getting a killer workout in, but it’s also about the community.

Feeling the vibe in the room and letting it work for you.

Feeling you are working out with friends that will push you.

Trainers that LOVE what they do.

If you have yet to experience a workout that truly shifts your mindset, elevates your mood and kicks your ass….then you need to try out 2 weeks at our boot camp.

Go here and fill in an application.

You have to just try this out….at least once 🙂

See you at camp

Misty “vibes” Mozejko

PS: I just got this message from member Sharon: “ Misty, that was a serious butt n ab n quad killing workout. This is my first class with you and I don’t think it will be soon forgotten. Thanks for the amazing workout!”

Listen, if your workouts don’t make you immediately go home and write about it on Facebook….they just aren’t good enough!

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