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I left my family when I was 18 – and it was fine

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I wrote this post on Facebook:

You know….

I left my family when I was 18 – and it was fine.

I went back to school and opened my first company with a baby in my arms – and it was fine.

I got divorced, closed my company and opened a new one – and it was fine.

I was broke and scared – and it was fine.

Today….my kid makes me proud, business is booming, my education top notch and my single lifestyle liberating.

No matter what you are going through it will always be fine.

The hardships you face now are all part of what makes your future perfect.

It resonated with hundreds of people.

Around 200 people liked and shared this post. 

Friends, clients, people I hadn’t spoken to since high school and people I had never even met yet all gave me the “thumbs up” as this “thought” hit home for many.

The point of the post is not too brag.

The point of the post is to show that NO MATTER WHAT, everything will be fine.




I was 18 and facing a tough choice between staying in the UK and moving to the USA alone.

I was conflicted and it was a very difficult decision…I went back and forth for weeks until my friends mom said: “Whatever happens, everything is going to be fine in 6 months time”.

And it’s so true.

No matter what today looks like, I can guarantee the landscape will be completely different in 6 months time.

And thats a relief!!

If you are broke….you’ll make money.

If you are sad….you’ll be happy.

If you are overweight… you’ll be healthy

If you are failing…you will be successful.

Everything will be fine.

Some people get frustrated with me though. The pragmatists cannot stand my wishy washy, faith filled optimism.

Well, it’s not our job to know HOW everything will work out, we just have to believe that it will.

So, whatever battle you face today, I can assure you that it will be fine.

If you are worrying about your weightm i can promise you that if you join my work out and diet program, everything will be ok in 6 months.

Of course, you have to get started with that journey with our 2 week test drive – think of it as a try before you buy scenario:

Shape your tomorrow….. nothing awesome ever came easy.

Talk soon Misty RHN
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