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I opened the box of buried feelings for you.

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Here are the feelings associated with weight loss and boot camp:

Fear – of looking stupid and not keeping up
Pain – of simply hating your self and your reflection
Frustration – with trying everything for 2 weeks and then quitting when no results appear
Trepidation – at starting a new program you know nothing about
Anxiety – to committing financially to something you might just quit in 2 weeks
Hatred – at yourself for being so fearful and weak willed

Well no freaking wonder selling fitness is a bloody hard job! 

Jesus H, in order for me to persuade you to even come TRY US OUT…I, as the owner and believer in this revolution, have to overcome ALL OF THE ABOVE first.

I have to some how neutralize all of that negativity and then, on top of that, I have to turn those fears into something positive.

My job, as leader of this health and fitness crusade, is to make you do something that your ENTIRE BEING doesn't want to do.

Do, you see now why so many fitness companies fail? Trying to get people healthy is really, really, really hard.

Of course, I have the added advantage of having battled through my own 120 pound weight loss (and more recently another 15 pounds but more on that tomorrow).

I have the empathy only an obesity-survivor can have when it comes to working with people nutritionally.

I have the pain, the hatred, the self-image mutilation all locked up in an air-tight little box, buried deep in my psyche. A box I can open up at any time to help YOU out of your darkness. I open that box up every time a new person starts boot camp…why? So I can walk with them, hold their hand and guide them to a healthier life.

And so, when brand new member Meg recently wrote the following in our private Facebook group….my heart swelled with pride.

"A message of gratitude for the staff and community of 10,000 Strong – The philosophy of a welcoming and supportive environment is truly lived by all – I was very nervous starting this next chapter of focussing on my health and very quickly my nervousness is transforming to excitement and hope ~"…

You see, it's very scary starting something new, but our exact mission as a company is to make the transition from YOU >>>> to a healthy fit and lean YOU….

…. exciting, fun and motivating.

My job in our Whitby community is to instil you with hope.

And, if you are looking for hope, if you are looking for someone to walk with you, then I implore you to come try us out for 2 weeks. Just 14 days, that's all it will take to plant the seed of hope.

Come on:

Everything is taken care of.


Misty RHN
10,000 Strong


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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