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I see you…putting on your makeup while driving

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You know what is funny, but also truly sad?

We tend to be a society so concerned about our looks vs. the state of our minds and bodies.

We worry about our hair and our makeup instead of worrying about our overall health and what we are putting into our bodies.

We worry if we got the correct selfie angle and if I can hide my double chin (tip is to hold the phone high by the way – – see this vain world we live in affects all of us.)

I work with these two ladies and every time I see them a part of me dies.

Lady # 1 gets to work early to sit in her car to apply her makeup and comb her hair. She is clearly concerned about how she looks, or she wouldn’t comb her hair or put on her face in the parking lot.

You know the first thing she does before she gets to her desk? She has a smoke and a sugar filled coffee. Talk about a good start to the day!

I was in the catalogue room one day looking for some inspiration for a client and in she comes to raid the vending machine. She bought a bag of chips and 2 chocolate bars.

This was her lunch. She was almost proud of it. She “needed “ her sugar fix (her words)

I was absolutely saddened and was SMH. She is skinny and not overweight so she equates this to being healthy as does society.

Seriously nothing could be further from the truth.

Lady # 2 has long blonde hair that is never out of place. She is very petite and judging by her pounds of makeup she is VERY concerned about her appearance. I mean VERY concerned.

Lately I have seen her sneaking out with Lady #1 to go for smokes throughout the day too like no one notices.

As I get back from my hour long walk from my lunch break because I am trying to make the most out of the 1440 minutes I have each day I get to see what she has for lunch.

It is a small portion of some highly processed crackers and sugary peanut butter. She usually has a white English muffin toasted as well.

Other words – no nutritional value at all.

Just counting calories and not really understanding that calories are not all created equal.

They are both living in complete denial thinking that they are living a healthy lifestyle because they are slim.

They are both consciously thinking about their physical appearance all at the same time neglecting their nutrition and health.

They are both willing to jeopardize their health for something superficial.

Usually a tipping point for us wanting to get “healthy” is we hate our appearance.

We hate how we can see the rolls under our clothes.

We hate the way we look in pictures, we hate that we don’t look the way we used to back in high school.

We should want to lose weight to be healthier versions of ourselves, not to just look better in pictures for Facebook or Instagram.

We should want to eat amazing real food and workout daily because we LOVE ourselves not because he hate ourselves.

You should always try to approach something new from a place of LOVE and not hate. You just might find that you will end up closer to your goals when you do something you love.

If you have been on the fence about starting a new program just know that thinking about it is the first step.

You are preparing for change. Deep down you want something more for yourself. You crave it, but you might be scared and I get it. The wheels are in motion.

Let me help take the edge off.

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See you at boot camp.


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