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I shall surely be out of business.

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Oh no.

I shall surely be out of business.

This new fitness trend that is sweeping the world shalt be the death of my HIIT training program.

Oh wait…

My clients aren’t 20 year old game heads who follow pretend creatures around their neighbourhood.

The fact is, as a mom of a 10 year old boy, I have quite enjoyed catching a few Pokemon myself. My home town actually has some awesome Pokestops and Pokegyms and yes, we have walked them all.

One night we left the house at 9:30pm on a Pokemission and didn’t return until well after 11pm. We walked for hours. The dog was pooped and my son was thrilled with all the Pokemons he found.

Will Pokemon go be a healthy addition to the household….yes, quite possibly (physically speaking…I am not so sure about the mental addiction issues ;).

But will Pokemon be a longstanding weight loss solution for you….NO WAY HOZE.

Walking is a great activity, but not a muscle shaping, strengthening program.

I mean sure, you could lose some weight with walking…god knows when I was 305 pounds, walking would have done me wonders..BUT…walking has it’s limits.

There comes a time when you must doing some 30 minute HIIT training.

Our 30 minutes sessions at 10,000 Strong will:

– build lean muscle
– burn fat faster than any other workout
– speed up metabolism
– make you happy and proud of yourself
– work your entire body AND cardio systems in 30 minutes and under.

Catching Pokemon CAN’T do that 🙂

So go ahead. go find a Charmandor in your spare time, but know that we have both your meal plans AND your 30 minute workouts covered,

Try us out for 2 weeks for just $29 here:

See ya soon

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