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I walked out of this class.

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Ever been to a work out and felt really, really, really stupid?

I have…

I actually even left half way through because I hated it so much.

It was probably about 10 years ago now….it was before I lost all the weight.

And it was a spin class at Premiere Fitness <<< these guys are no longer around…figures. Anyway, I was really overweight and this was probably my first ever spin class. I had no idea what I was doing and the instructor caught wind of this immediately.. But not in a good way. In fact, I have never felt so out of place in a workout…ever. I know he was probably trying to encourage me, but the constant calling out and the constant yelling made me very insecure. I actually got so anxious that I got off my bike, told the instructor I had left the oven on and walked out. I actually left that gym shortly after and joined a local boot camp ran by a personal trainer. I will never forget how that spin instructor made me feel. The feeling of complete despair. The feeling of being out of shape and useless. Which is why I vowed to make our boot camps a supportive and encouraging environment. No judgement. No competition. No anxiety. You should never feel insecure when you workout. You should feel welcome, challenged at your level and you should *want* to come back. Our members all agree this is how Whitby Boot Camp feels. Many members say it “feels like home”. Good…. Want to try us out? Go here and you can jump in on one of our 12 day detox programs: >

Misty “bun in the oven” Mozejko (just kidding)

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