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I want instant gratification and I want it RFN

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We live in a world of instant gratification. We don’t like to wait for anything.

When a web page doesn’t load as quick as we like we get frustrated and close the window. Remember dial up internet?? Oh the humanity!!

When the traffic light turns from red to green if you aren’t moving off the line like a drag racer you better believe that someone is honking their horn behind you to get moving.

When you text someone because heaven forbid you pick up the phone to call and they don’t reply right away it bothers us. I can see that you read my text!

I recently bought a brand new barbell and 210 lbs of weights to add to my home gym and let me tell you the wait was excruciating. I wanted it within an hour of ordering even though it was coming from Ohio.

Waaaaiiiting is the hardest part (sing that part out loud – you know the song).

I remember when I started on my weight loss journey the results couldn’t come quick enough. I just ate a couple of healthy meals and was like why am I not down 10 lbs already.

Well it doesn’t work that way.

You didn’t get to be overweight by eating one bad meal and just like you aren’t going to have the body of your dreams by eating one good meal.

It takes time, being consistent with your workouts and most importantly meal planning.

Looking kick start you weight loss? I’ve got a book for that. It’s called Slim By Sunday. It’s a completely done for you, easy to follow meal plan that will help flatten your stomach in as little as 7 days.

Want to learn more about juicing and how to incorporate into your life to help get you results? I’ve got a book for that too.

It’s called Juice This, Eat That a 19 Day Eating and Juicing Fat Loss Plan. It is very easy to follow
and has delicious recipes. We teach and show you how to incorporate juicing into your daily lives. There are tremendous benefits to juicing that everyone should be doing it. It’s easy and we’ll show you how.

You won’t have to wait long to get your order either. As soon as you make your purchase we will get working to send it to you so you can start today!

Our goal at 10,000 Strong Nutrition and Fitness Revolution is to help 10,000 people and this is another outlet to help us achieve our goals.

Now go and get your dopamine drip of instant gratification and join the revolution!


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