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“I wish I had joined sooner”

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^^ The typical response when I tell people they should join my boot camp.

Just the word “boot camp” illicit’s this kind of verbal response….and then most people run off scurrying to their safe-space.

But it’s not like Military Boot Camp…we don’t have mega-phones and wear army fatigues. We don’t make you puke. We don’t make you feel stupid and weak. 

We don’t subscribe the “no pain, no gain” protocol of strength building.

Quite the opposite in fact, but today I am not going to bleat on. I am going to let one of our brand new members do it for. Now, she is a little shy so no names, but here is was she emailed me a few days ago:

"Hi Misty….

I've been through hell and back and almost gave up when my world was turned upside down a few years back BUT with the love and support of family and friends they were there for me in my darkest hours.

You were there for me too, behind the scenes without you knowing. I would read your inspirational emails and I could relate in so many ways. You write with honesty and really do care about wanting to make people healthy.

I was afraid to do anything outside my comfort zone. Scared I would be laughed at or look like a fool so I waited a long time to join your boot camp. It took so much courage to walk thru your studio doors at the beginning of this year but I was tired of feeling exhausted, physically and mentally. Feeling crappy, moody and carrying too much weight.

All I can say is I wished I joined sooner. I don't know why I was so afraid to come in. You and all the trainers are awesome and all the members have made me feel so comfortable and welcomed me with open arms.

Fast forward 2 months and I'm feeling stronger, more confident, happier and down 17 lbs! Thank you Misty for 10.000 Strong!"

So look, for anyone who thinks we are here to break you…we most certainly are not.

We are here to build you up. Make you strong both physically and mentally. We are here to ensure that no matter where you have come from and what you have been through we will pull you up and push you further.

That’s all I got today folks but if you are tired of feeling weak and overwhelmed by the thought of working out, and most regular gyms and boot camps scare the living daylights outta ya…

Come give us a try 🙂

You’ll see, right there in your first class, that you honestly had nothing to worry about.

Heres’ the link to come try us out for 14 days:

see you soon?

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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