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I wish I had VD all year round

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And so today we just maxed out our accountability program at out boot camp. What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than a member upgrade that ensures they get even more out of our program.

Yeh baby…we just rolled out a new system where by I personally get to monitor your attendance rate…

…very Big Brother of me huh?

Well see the thing is, as someone who has lost weight, gained weight and lost it again, I know thats sometimes you just don’t WANT TO GO to boot camp.

You’d rather do anything else than workout.

You’d rather stab your eye out with the fork rather than use it to eat clean food.

In fact, you’d just like to bury your head in the sand and ignore Misty and her merry band of trainers for a month..

or 6.

But you see, I know that from experience, this is NOT gonna make you feel good about yourself or help you get to your goal.

Look, after my divorce I was so stressed out that I FELT like I could only do the absolute minimum of workouts because truly…it felt like TOO MUCH. Just ONE MORE THING I had to do.

I simply couldn’t manage the divorce, the financial stress, being an entrepreneur AND trying to workout and eat clean every day.

But the thing is, that’s where it all went sideways.

I gained weight, I started eating things i’d never usually eat. I really began to resent working out and it all felt very overwhelming.

The thing is, if I had just kept going, kept focusing on my health and just kept my attention on that next 30 minute workout, I wouldn’t have gained any weight at all.

And it wouldn't have been so hard to jump back into the rhythm of daily workouts.

But look, I screwed up. And I am trying desperately to stop all of YOU from doing the same things which is why our new scan tag system is up and running so I can make sure all of my little ducklings are doing what they need to do.

If you feel like you need a Mama Duck to ensure you stay with the herd, if you need someone to constantly keep you accountable and make sure you stick to the program, then you should join 10,000 Strong ASAP.

There is no other studio or gym who is a member-centric as us. We work for you, and you alone.

Come see for yourself here:

Happy Valentines Day, if you’re single like me, enjoy watching Netflix in peace and quiet and if you have a partner…make sure you AT LEAST get them a card…

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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