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If I can’t be skinny, i’ll be strong – part 2

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There is so much to write on this topic and it’s so important to me that I have done a 2 part series on it!

Today though I want to talk about motivation.

And how, when you realize that you are NOT working out to be skinnier, lighter, smaller than ever…

…. how much MORE motivation you get.

If your workouts are focussed on losing weight, then every time you step on the scale and see NO MOVEMENT, you feel like a failure.


If your workouts are focussed on strength and everytime you workout you feel stronger, then you feel like a winner.

And…we all know, that once you have the strength and muscle mass, the weight is going to naturally adjust to where it has to be in order to keep you strong.

Yes we will have to fuel correctly, but that in itself is a learned process and we can tackle that together.

The point is….

If you are doing all this work, all this effort and focussing on the wrong output….it will surely fail.

Switch the destination.

Change the view point.

Focus on being strong and all of a sudden you become empowered.

Every workout counts now.

Every time you come to the studio you get stronger.

Every time you increase your reps and weight, you get stronger.

Screw the scale….the scale knows thing about being strong.

So let me ask you this…

Can you do it?

Can you let go of the scale, the pounds and the desire to to get smaller and smaller.

Can you focus on becoming stronger?

Can you focus on getting bigger muscles?

You know when you get strong you will lose the weight anyway….

Can you do it?

Let me know….what I am asking is not easy.

But it will change your life.

Misty “ The Scale Revolution” Mozejko

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