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There are certain things in life we would never get through if it wasn’t for the help, support and guidance of others.

I would never have built a successful business without a coach. I would have ran a 2 hour half marathon without my run club and I would never have lost 120lbs without a trainer.

You need people in your life to pull you, sometimes kicking and screaming, to the other side.

I have friends who never let me quit. I have a boyfriend who dusts me off when I fall down and I have a mother who acts as a sounding board when I just need to moan.

Trust me when I say that you are gonna need your peeps when the going gets tough…you certainly don’t have to do everything alone. Why would you?

And look, losing weight, getting in shape, getting strong is freakin’ hard. It’s so hard that people are permanently on diets, they yo-yo up and down, and they are stuck in constant cycles of motivation vs desperation.

I don’t want to that to be you. I don’t want that to be anybody. Especially when I have a fitness community who is ready to pull you, kicking and screaming, to you goals.

Check out what our happy member Jen had to say:

“Thank you Coach Kristie for the encouragement and support this morning with the pull ups. I am really motivated to master them solo! I also have to say I have never stuck with a fitness regiment this long. I am down 30 Lbs since July 2015 and much stronger than I’ve ever been….next up, pull ups! 10,000 Strong Boot Camp really works!”

The most important part of that is about how she’s stuck with  this fitness regime for the long haul. Why? Because she has amazing coaches that believe in her. A fit family of friends who want her to succeed. A nutritionist who designs amazing nutrition challenges and works on her personal supplements and meals plans monthly.

^^ You deserve all that too ya know. You deserve these results. You deserve to feel this happy!

Don’t you want to feel this happy? Your boot camp comes with free smiles, constant motivation and endless high fives. I am proud of each and every person who comes through that door, and I want to be proud of you too.

Why not take advantage of our 2 week test drive and just come see if this is for you? You’ll have access to over 40 classes a week, a goal setting meeting and a full body composition so we can help you decide which membership works for you.

Go here and read a little more about what you’ll experience when grab this mini-membership:

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