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I’m Going Straight To Hell Anyway…

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Another day, another troll and this time my hate mail was a real doozy.

Well, here, read it for yourself:

“Do you wish to get out of that crackerjack box (condo) you call a home, sometime in the near future?

Make enough moo-lah to get a really great place (my preference is in the country – I have 20 gorgeous acres here and a 3,000 sq ft home), live comfortably AND make a great living?

Well let me give you some Great Advice, Babe.

Stop using the Lord’s name in vain. I nearly unsubscribed because of this email message of yours.”



The condescending nature of this email makes me smile, the overly comfortable way he calls me “Babe” is charming but what really gets me, what really made me chuckle was that after all the time, he is still totally missing the point.

See the emails that I write to you are a little piece of me. I little part of my extensive experience in the field of weight loss, nutrition and working out.

And trust me, I write from a place of red wine not rabbit food.

I certainly didn’t grow up playing sports and eating granola. Far from it. I ate a standard British diet of fish and chips and fags.

I drank while I smoked and smoked while I ate.

I was the furthest thing from “inspirational”.

And I think that’s what counts…I think it’s more motivating to listen to someone who has been in the trenches, than to listen to someone who think’s they have experienced obesity.

Anyway, this guy above has a choice. He can read the emails and learn, or he can delete and unsubscribe. In fact, everyone has a choice when it comes to my emails.

But, if you are looking to lose some weight, get healthier or simply get to grips with nutrition…then these emails will do you well.

I mean, if I can lose weight, become a personal trainer, nutritionist and athlete….for the love of GOD, so can you.

Anyway, look, my aim it to 100% inspire my readers, and there are literally thousands of you out there. If you don’t feel like these emails are worth your time, feel free to unsubscribe.

If you are motivated, fantastic. I have your next step.

In fact, this next step is all about taking massive action. This next step is about getting out there and seeing if working out with me and my team, is actually something you like after all.

Your next step is to sign up for a 2 week test drive at the studio. During your 2 weeks you will:

experience a warm, welcoming and non-judgemental environment
workout with certified personal trainers in convenient 30 minute sessions
workout whenever you like and as many times as you like (40 classes per week to choose from)
finally found out what a REAL weight loss program looks like
figure out some realistic weight loss and muscle growth time lines with Coach Andrew
Feel better than you have in a looooooong time.
And ….you’ll start to feel good about your body again.

Here the link to join us for a 2 week trial…you have nothing to lose:

Squat ya later

Misty “going to hell in a hand basket” Mozejko

PS: Check this out…after just 7 days:

“The biggest change I have notice is how much better my clothes fit and how much flatter my belly is. I’m very glad for the support of everyone at Whitby boot camp.” Sandra.

See…7 days of consisted effort and the results start to come 🙂

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