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I’m Greedy? No. I’m a GD lifesaver.

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Over the course of 10 years she’s paid $20k to be my client…


That’s $20k invested into her health, into her wellness. That $20k plonked down for her flat stomach and fantastic ass.

That’s $20k that’s keep her productive and energetic. That’s $20k that’s kept her out of the doctors office while everyone else got sick and it’s $20k that ensured she was she was the talk of every party as her little black dresses plunged lower and lower each year. 

It’s a lot of money isn’t it? But this one client is ready to spend it all over again…for the next 10 years…and probably the 10 years after that because this client *gets it*.

She’s long ditched material possessions. Her hobbies don’t include collecting expensive handbags or pandora jewels. She doesn’t fawn over a bigger house and a luxury SUV.

Nope. This client is a gatherer of experiences who would rather spend her money on learning and health than on belongings and bragging rights.

So sure, $2000 a year might seem like a lot to you at this particular juncture but I BET you’ve spent $2000 a year on shit that will end up killing up in the end.

In reality, $2000 a year on your health and beauty is nothing. It’s $160 bucks month. It’s quite literally the same as a Starbucks a day.

And yet people still email me to say that my program is “too expensive”.

I’m sorry, but too expensive for what? 

This is THE ONLY investment ever that guarantees you look better, live longer and let’s you actually enjoy the one life you have to live…

…tell me something, when was the last time your Yves Saint Laurent purse cured heart disease, high cholesterol or obesity?

Mmm. Yeh. Never.

So don’t tell me I’m expensive. Because I’m not. At $160 a month I’m a goddam lifesaver.

I do have a 12 month sale on right now which will lock you in at $1997 a year and saves you money over a month to month rate.

I know that only a few people will have room on their credit cards also and so for you guys, there are 3 paid in full deal memberships available on a first come first served basis.

The paid in full option offers hundreds of dollars in savings and a chance to pay your membership out without worrying about monthly payments. Hassle free, worry free and ultimately for those looking for an affordable investment in their long term health and beauty. 

3 available today:

Enjoy the rest of March Break and hit the ground running on Monday 🙂 Summer is a-coming.

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