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I’m So Desperate [from Andrew]

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I overheard a coworker of mine the other day saying she was “desperate to lose weight”.

(Oh hey! It’s Andrew by the way…i’m getting into this email gig)

She was desperate to feel better and get stronger. She was desperate for change. But what was she going to doing about it?

Sadly, the answer was nothing.

Later, I saw her in the lunchroom with her 4 pieces of white bread and [what some would call] peanut butter. (you know the kind I am talking about here…full of sugar and processed ingredients)

She was claiming to be desperate to lose weight and to get her life back on track, but was clearly lost when it came to proper nutrition.

She also claimed that she doesn’t have time to work-out because she has a kids in sports and a hectic job….and yet I hear her talking about all these TV shows that she has PVR’d for her nightly TV binge.

Does this sound at all familiar? Ever made an excuse as to WHY the healthy lifestyle “just isn’t for you”.

We tend to make excuses of why we can’t get healthy and fit rather than take action And yes I know taking action can be scary for some…but you know what?!?

Was I scared to join Boot Camp at first You bet! I told myself: just give it an honest effort for one full year and see what happens. Life changed!

I’m down 80 lbs and I am now a Certified Personal Trainer. All because I took action!

Taking action is the only thing that changed my life. And take action I did!

Everything you want is on the other side of fear! And I mean everything!

If you want to have the body you have always wanted you are going to have to do some things that you have never done before.

You are going to have to take action.

For the person who doesn’t have time…you, my friend, in luck because we have quick but challenging 30 minute workouts that will melt the fat away and build that sexy lean muscle. And with 40 classes on the schedule every week, it couldn’t be more convenient.

We have the best Nutritionist in the Durham region (some may say the world) here at Whitby Boot Camp and Misty wants to help you achieve your dreams.

Now am I going to set the alarm clock for you? No. Am I going to do the burpees and planks for you? No. Am I going to pack your lunch and watch you eat every meal to make sure you are making the right decisions? No.

But what I can do is guarantee a great workout each and every session. All you have to do is show up and do your best.

Misty can help keep you on track every month with your nutritional consultations and body composition analysis meetings.

You can have a space where you feel welcomed and it isn’t so scary.

You can achieve your goals with us. All you have to do is take action. All you have to do is take advantage of this unreal offer I am going to put out there…but here’s the catch.

I only have one spot remaining for our 6 month Paid In Full program. This membership option saves you over $300. It’s not even offered on our regular pricing menu because Misty’s accountant got mad :)But! I am resurrecting this option for just a couple of people.

Stop feeling desperate and join the revolution now.

What’s stopping you? Netflix will be there later ya know 😉

Coach Andrew
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