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I’m so excited, our lead trainer is giving birth at LITERALLY this time of writing.

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She is having a little girl and it’s been a long time since I held a baby.

I can barely contain myself….!

But, like many of you readers will know…baby bodies typically tend to last a lot longer than the babies that made them (not in Nassi’s case, she has already booked us in for a half marathon in Spring)

You have no idea how many people come in to the boot camp and tell me they just really have to work on this “mummy tummy”.

And then, politely, I ask how old the baby is…and they tell me 5.

Ummmmm….heads up, that ain’t no mummy tummy my friend.

Thats 5 years of stress, kids, working and wine.

I have my own “mummy bummy” to prove it (hey, I got them apple bottom jeans ok?!)

Anyway, this email is to all the momma’s…I have something for you.

You see, you need a proper nutrition plan.

You need a nutritionist to tell you what to eat…like literally how many carbs, how many proteins and how many fats your unique body needs.

You also need to workout….sorry, but it’s true.

Tummies need to be tightened, butts need rounded and boobs need to be lifted….and working out does all that.

Just ask member Sue who’s hubby was astounded by the “lift” she obtained au natural.

Anyway, you have a chance to get all that in 21 one days flat…or at least start the long road back 🙂

Our sell out challenge has a few more spots left >>

This challenge gives you all your nutrition, all your workout and all your motivation to work on pre-baby matter if that was 5, 10 or 15 years ago 😉

Join us won’t you?

Talk soon

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