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I’m still high….

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I am writing this email still totally high.

Yep…i’m still rolling on a wave of post boot camp kickassery and I don’t want to come down..

…and actually, I didn’t even take this class. Nope. I was the one teaching today. Coach Kristie asked me to cover and so I stepped in.

What’s funny is that during my second Sunday nap, I actually put this workout together in my mind. I constructed it, I positioned it and I orchestrated it.

Because, when you have really good trainers, when you have trainers that are 100% passionate about what they do and when you have trainers that really enjoy putting workouts together >>>>

>>>>> you can really tell the difference in the quality of the workouts. The way a workout is put together, how it keeps you at just the right level of fatigue without pushing you over and the energy the trainer provides.

Trust me, i’ve been doing this long enough and have had my fair share of crappy instructors. I have taken classes while on vacation, I have taken classes while recovering injury and I have taken classes in other disciplines that have taught me one thing….

….the personal training industry is RIFE with awful trainers.

And i’m not saying they they will injure you or hurt your back…it’s not that.

It’s more of a personality thing. While they may be able to throw a workout together they have as much personality as a dead fish.

When it comes down to it, we all want trainers you can make us smile, push our limits, motivate us AND deliver a workout that is as well put together and as well orchestrated as the Philharmonic Orchestra.

When we leave, we want to feel like a new person.

When we get home, our muscles should be thanking us.

AND….when the trainer is done training THEY should be glowing too because they know they just delivered an amazing workout.

Luckily, we have a full Summer of boot camp highs available AND, if you jump on our pre-notification list, you can grab the Summer BOGO offer this weekend.

Buy July and get August free…

Yes, all those workouts meals plans, passion and energy are yours to play with this Summer and this is the ONLY time we offer a 2 month membership.

More info and of course the sign up list are over here:

Ok, time for me to come down and get some work done.

Talk soon
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