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Incredible fitness speech you need to hear….

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Ok, I want to share with you this incredible post that Coach Andrew wrote the other day. Obviously his love for creating health flows through his veins and some days he just needs to shout it from the roof top…

Check it out:


“I am feeling inspired today and this just spewed out of my soul and I want to share with you.

Cheers to all the people out there that are working hard to achieve their goals.

Some people have goals to lose weight, to increase strength, to build muscle, to become healthier, to be a role model to your spouse, kids or friends, to run your first race or just to be a better version of you.

Cheers to all the people that got up today on the positive side of the bed.

Cheers to the people that woke before the sun to get your workout in because you made yourself a priority and that was the only time you may have today.

Cheers to all the people that have a workout planned today and are going to stick to it.

Cheers to all those people who want to get back into fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Cheers to those that are looking to start their journey for the first time.

Cheers to all the people that are actively doing something about it right now.

I have learned this the hard way (several times) that fitness doesn’t have an end date. Fitness, exercise and healthy eating needs to be a part of all of our lives.

It can help clear negative thoughts that can pop up in our heads. It can help reset us when we have had a stressful day. Don’t think of working out as a chore.

Think of it as this is what I do now. This is me. I am worth it.

Today I challenge you – to DO SOMETHING!

Go for a walk. DO some push-ups and jumping jacks at home or try some yoga poses. DO some stretching. Work up a sweat. DO something.

The key is to do something every single day.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you missed a day or over indulged. Just know that you always have the ability to move forward. Put it in the rear view and keep moving forward.

We tend to think that the path to success is a straight line. It isn’t. You will go forward, up, down, backwards, sideways, diagonal and sometimes you will just hover.

Just keep moving. Keep being active. Stay positive and stay in the moment.

What is holding you back from starting today? Are you intimidated? Are you scared?

My mom Joyce joined a gym for the first time in her life last year at 70 years young!!

You don’t think that was intimidating for her? It sure as hell was. But she started slow. She walked the track every day. As she continued to feel better she decided to up the ante a little.

She sought the help of a personal trainer to get her started and now she goes to the gym 4-6 times a week. She does strength exercises, cardio and has made some new gym buddies along the way.

She is truly inspiring and I am very proud of her.

Now you don’t have to rush out and join a gym right away. I know it can be a little daunting, but it is good to do things that scare us. It’s good to do things that makes the heart race with anticipation and to feel those butterflies in our stomachs.

I know I may hear crickets on this post and that is fine.

My goal is to have at least one person take something away from this. If I can affect one person to do something today then I will have achieved my goal.

Here is my call to action – –

Like this post if it spoke to you.

Share this post if it moved you and you want it to reach even more people.

Tag someone who inspired you.

Now comment and tell me and the world what you are going to do today to better yourself!

Sending positive vibes.


Here is how I am trying to be a better version of me today.

I woke up at 5:20 am to go to boot camp class at 6:00 am.

I walked from the car dealership to work rather than take the shuttle. I packed a lunch full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and made an unreal green juice using my cold press juicer.



WOW eh?

And the response was incredible. People shared, people tagged, people commented.

Andrew is one of the many incredible coaches you’ll meet here at boot camp. His mindset and his mantra’s are a massive part of what keeps our boot camp at the top of our game.

You see, we get it. We know what it’s like to feel yucky and disappointed in our bodies and health. The only difference between us is that we found 10,000 Strong to keep us going.

All our trainers workout with the members.

All our trainers have massive stories of inspiration.

All of our trainers were born to make the lives of others better.

So remember, this week only we are promoting our Summer Bogo and in this 8 weeks, you can revel, inhale and soak up all of our positivity and energy….

Maybe it will spark something inside you never knew existed.

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