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Ironman nutter actually offers sound fat-loss advice

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Don’t you think people who train for and complete Ironmans and Tough Mudders are just utter nut jobs? Surely they must have a screw loose somewhere…right?

Personally, I think my days of extreme sport events are over but, that being said, I do find it very interesting picking the brains of people who can achieve such monumental physical challenges.

I love knowing what drives them, how they stay motivated and why they chose such a gruelling event to start with (usually there is an awesome back story).

So anyway, my friend and I were chatting about his upcoming Ironman and I simply asked him HOW he stays focused for such a long training period.

Training for these events takes months and months…sometimes a year, and you have to stick to the training over the long haul or else it will all fall apart.

And lets face it,

…some of us can’t even get to the end of the day without saying “fuck it” to our goals while reaching for another slice of pizza…

But anyway..…

He said something quite interesting and something I think will resonate with all my readers and that is:

“Don’t worry about the end goal, just focus on getting the next workout done”.

So, what he is saying is that, if we run around all day fixated on losing 30/50/80 pounds, wishing it was done, wishing we were thinner, wishing we were skinny NOW…

…then we will fail.

But instead, if we focus on ONLY on the next workout, if we simply ask ourselves to complete ONE more boot camp, if we just ask ourselves to ONLY worry about today…

…then we will succeed.

And isn’t it easier to focus on ONLY your *next* 30 minute boot camp. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply worry about completing ONE more step on your journey rather than trying to race to the finish line to get it done.

Yes, yes it would.

So all I am asking for you to do today is to quit worrying about the big picture and simply keep your focus on your next step.

Think one workout ahead….not 50.

Think one pound lost…not 80.

Think about simply the next step in the journey of 10,000 steps.

Now look, it’s no lie that I feel very, very strongly about your next step being a 2 week test drive 10,000 Strong. You are going to need a new fitness home to house you while you take the 10,000 steps to health.

You are going to need great trainers for every “next” workout and you are going to need that daily motivation to keep you focused on your own long-term training plan.

So join us today…we will be there every single step of the way:

Don’t forget: we succeed as a team and fail as an individual.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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