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Is nutrition really 70% of fat-loss?

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Skinny: skin and bones. Emaciated. Hungry.

Skinny: malnourished, miserable, weak.

Skinn… A coffee, the low down, a pair of jeans…

What does skinny mean to you?

When I was growing up, skinny was always a compliment:

“Oh my god, you are SOOOO skinny” could be heard echoed throughout the girls bathrooms while teenage stick figures admired their sucked in stomachs.

In fact, when I was a teen, we actually had a size 00 and it was every girls dream to be able to yank the zipper closed on a pair of jeans fit for a Barbie.

Me, well, I was always overweight through my teens and straight up obese in my 20’s. So skinny was not something I aspired to be.

And, to this day, skinny is still not something I’m gunning for.

Strong. Nourished. Healthy both mentally and physically < these are goals all women should have.

To be thin is not a goal. To have a thigh gap is not a goal. 

To feel good about being committed to a fitness program and your health < yep…that’s a great goal.

None of us are getting any younger and so what we really need to focus on is being healthy and happy.

Looking good in our clothes, not hating un-posed pictures of ourselves, being ok with our reflection.

And, in order for this to happen, you must eat well. Every day. And so at 10,000 Strong, we give you meal plans, every month. You’ll always have a meal plan to follow and you’ll always have a plan.

Nutrition is 70% of the battle, so my team and I have decided to ensure you always have a nutritionist-approved meal plan to combine with your 30 minute HIIT training sessions every week.

Why? Because exercise without nutrition is pointless.

Come try it out here and see why 10,000 Strong is your only life-long solution:

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Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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