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Is your picture worth 1000 Words?

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How many selfies have you been in this Summer?

How many unforeseen photo's have been snapped at family events and BBQ's?

How many times has someone photographed you, only for it to suddenly appear in a text message or Facebook feed without you even knowing about it?

And it's always the picture where you are striking a really unflattering pose…or you hadn't sucked in your gut ….or you weren't turned sideways with your arm positioned in such a way that it didn't look like a side of beef hanging from your shoulder….

Yeh….Summer is riddled with photo opportunities and unless you are happy with what you see in those photo's….then it can be a really rotten time.

Here's a fact…your mom does NOT know how to take a flattering picture, so don't take the one picture she sneakily snapped of you bending over in shorts, ass to camera and tits to ground, to be the one picture you believe you look like.


Instead, have a think about all the pictures. Are there some you liked, are there some that you thought you didn't look too shabby in?

I hope so. I really hope so.

I hope there are a few pictures that make you smile. I hope there are a few pictures you are proud of.

Even if you are not 100% happy with your current physique, I hope you can say a little something nice. 

Look, you don't have to LOVE everything you see in every picture….we are NOT instagram models afterall BUT, you must be able to say something nice.

At 10,000 Strong, we are all looking to improve just one or 2 things at a time. We are SO over trying to be bikini ready in 72 hours. We have all finally realized that we need a lifestyle of health. And while building a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition may take a little longer….we have also come to realize that we actually have all the time in the world.

Look, I have been fat, I have been lean and I have ALWAYS been curvy and yes, I am not exactly photogenic half the time….BUT….I can say, even when the photo staring back has somehow morphed me into the back-end of a dump truck….I can say that I am proud of my strength, my drive and my booty.

If you are looking to stop hating and start loving your body…if you want to building some strength and happiness and if you think that you are ready for a lifestyle of health then maybe you should join us for 2 weeks of boot camp and body analysis. Maybe it's time to start your lifestyle of health.

You can join us here for 2 weeks of training sessions and goal setting:

September is coming…you should hit the ground running.


Misty RHN


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