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It’s coming, it’s coming!!

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So many of you have been asking when our next transformation challenge is coming.

Well, the date is set, the menu is planned and the “twist” has been “twisted”.

With every challenge I create, I try to do something new, something that will teach you a new skill.

Afterall, being healthy and fit is waaaaaaaay easier if you have a skilled nutritionist to teach you some awesome shortcuts and habits.

And so, in our Prep Sweat and Conquer Challenge we are going to teach you the art of family food prep, the skill of working out towards a short term goal and we will finish up with a fitness event for everyone to take part in.

So much thought and effort has gone into this challenge.

So many people are working on this…as I want to make this 5 week challenge the BEST EVER.

Registration is NOT open but I will let you know when it is.

The reason I am telling you now is so you can gear up.

Whether your are a member or not, you need this little 5 week focus programs to shift plateaus and mindsets.

You need these challenges to propel you to the next level.

If you are just starting out, this would be the most effective way to kick start your fat loss.

If you have been away from fitness and let yourself go a bit, then this program will get you back to your old self.

And finally, if you are in a fitness program, or even a member at our boot camp, you need a personal project to focus on to help avoid those dreaded plateaus.

As I said….we are not registering people until April BUT stay tuned as we will send out the priority registration list soon.

There will be an Early Bird price of $277 and then normal registration will be $347.



Let me know!

Misty “food prep FTW” Mozejko

PS: You can hear more about our upcoming challenges on our Facebook page.

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