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It’s hard to keep making the right choice….but you must.

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2016 is here.

A fresh start, a clean slate.

Whatever you accomplished in 2015 was merely a stepping stone to the next chapter of your story.

We have people who will race marathons, people who will lose 30 pounds, people who will start their journey with us and people who will finish.

I know some of you will beat illness, some of you will dodge it and I also know some of you will reach new heights and new milestones.

It’s really your choice. You can choose the outcome…. And yes, every cookie, glass of wine and slice of cake that tempts you will FORCE you to make that choice again….

…and every workout you want to skip, every rep you want to miss and every burpee you half ass will be choices too…

… And fuck knows it’s hard to keep making the right choice. Time and time again you must resist the foods and persist with the burpees, over and over and OVER you have to push away the things you love….

… But OH GOD is it worth it.

It is so unbelievably worth it.

So make that choice, continue to make those choices, and every time you make the right choice you get one step closer to where you choose to be.

On a personal note, I have decided to make 2016 a year dedicated to my personal success in both health and business. The past few years haven’t been kind, I’ve made baaaaaaad choices, stress ruined my body but I live to fight another year and I’ll be dammed if I let it slide by without accomplishing something amazing!

Will you join me? Let’s do amazing things together in 2016

Go here to get a jump on your most awesome year ever:

I hope you can make it

Misty “On the resolution wagon too” Mozejko

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