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It’s NOT alright.

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Demon: It’s ok, one more turtle won’t hurt,

Angel: Yes it will! It’s going to make you fat.

Demon: Hey, those sausage rolls only come out once a year…treat yourself.

Angel: Who cares? There are much healthier, yummier options.

Demon: Go on, eat that cake, you don’t want to offend the chef!

Angel: Just say NO. It’s not worth the burpees.

Any of that banter sound familiar?

The demon in your head whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

And the Angel, trying to beat some sense into you.

Truth is, you need a little bit of both Demon and Angel in you.

You have to enjoy life but know when to cut back and work hard.

Boot Camp is here for the angel side of you….you can build muscle, get sweaty, ramp up metabolism and burn calories.

Your Nutritionist Shayla is like an Angel too….always there to help sort out your meal planning.

And then, when you want to kick back a little with your Demon, you can rest assured that you actually earned a little treat on the weekends.

But the problem is…you can’t listen to just one of those guys.

If you listen to the Demon, you are going to get bigger and bigger and slower and slower.

If you listen to the Angel you are going to become miserable and deprived.

Workout at boot camp, listen to your nutritionist and you will satisfy the angel.

Have a little treat on the weekend and you will satisfy your demon.

Make sense?

Talk soon

Misty “crooked halo” Mozejko

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