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J-lo ain’t got sh!t on you.

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You are not 19 years old anymore.

You are not a fitness model.

You are not an Instagram Fitness Celeb.

You are not a gym rat, who lift, pulls, pushes and sprints through life with a protein bar breakfast and and egg white shake for lunch.

These are things you are not.

So stop looking to these people for inspiration.

Stop comparing yourself to your best friends sister who is 10 years your junior, and was blessed with a killer metabolism.

Stop thinking that you need to replicate, reproduce and regurgitate every motivational fitness quote on the planet. 

Stop worrying about being something you are not.

Instead, start working on YOU.

Not the you that looks like Kim Kardash, not the you that eats like Gwyneth, not the you that has washboard abs and quads for dayzzz…

NO…just YOU and everything your glorious body can and will accomplish when you bring the focus back to your life and not the photo-shopped, sucked in, strategically placed life of someone else.

You can be the best version of you if you eat right, workout daily and understand the exact type of nutrition your body requires.

You can bet your bottom dollar you won’t look like J-LO….Nu-uh.

You’ll look better. 

In fact, J-lo will want to look like you, be like you, smile like you, live life like you.

Look, what I am asking is not easy, but it’s time to start dating yourself a little. Start focussing all your attention on your own journey and take your eyes of anyone else's.

Of course I think I can help you with that. Of course I know that 10,000 Strong is your fresh start.

Of course I think that our program will not only embrace your unique goals, but that it will also provide you the program and support you need to achieve it…and more.

I know all this.

So do 150 of our members.

But, do you know this?

Look, I have a 12 day detox coming up and it’s the perfect way to jump into your new path.

It’s going to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make massive changes in your physical and mental body and it will give you a new lease on life.

You need to join this challenge to prove to yourself that you CAN look and feel like the best ever version of yourself.

Want in? Ok, just go here and read a little more:

Can’t wait to see you soon

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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