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January 21 Day challenge inside [non-members]

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Ok folks…before I get any more people banging down my door…

Take a chill pill and listen up. This email could quite possibly change your life.

You see, each January I create a nutrition and fitness program so, SO effective, people talk about them for years to come.

New Years Annihilation, Trash The Turkey, The 19 Day Green Juice Program. Literally, these weight loss challenges are famous (amongst the cool kids at least). And, of course, this year is no exception. In fact, this years challenge is so extreme I fear some of you may run for the hills.

Yep. The word "fasting" will do that to a person.

But the fact is, when you think of "fasting" you think of starving yourself for days on end. Well, you should know me well enough to know i'd never make you starve. It doesn't work well for business when I kill people.

And so no, this 21 day challenge that starts on January 16th 2017 is not an experiment in starvation, it's a delicious and effective trip down the 5:2 fasting program. Basically, you fast for 2 days (with carefully selected foods as picked by me, a nutritionist) and then, you eat a lean n clean meal plan (also laid out for you) for the other 5 days.

This type of plan is so effective that I have known people who had to reduce their fasting day down to 1 day a week because they were LOSING TOO MUCH WEIGHT.

Yeup. It's a true story.

So anyway, your 3 week, done for you meal plan, carefully and comfortably guides you through the 5:2 fasting plan, while you kick ass at boot camp. I mean, we have around 45 classes a week on the schedule so I encourage you to come as many times as you can, whenever you can squeeze them in. We start at 5:30 am and we go till 8pm…so don't tell me we don't have times that work for you.

I have waaaaaaaaay more cool information over on the info page below and it details everything you will get included. It's cheap too. Probably too cheap. But hey. It's on 362 days until Christmas so I am feeling generous.

Check it out and (i'm being serious now) this will sell out. Registration has started already and it's first come first served…you've been warned:

You go check that out and i'm going to secure the grand prize details 🙂

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong 

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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