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There is a lady in my boot camp who is just the sweetest thing.

I connect with her on so many levels as we basically have the same body type and same frustrations.

We were chatting the other day and she mentioned that even though she had been training hard for her next triathlon, she had still managed to gain weight….and trust me, she is NOT happy.

So she decided to sign up for the three week challenge we are doing at boot camp to get back on track.

Now, I am going to tell you what I told her…

The truth is, there are some people in life who can lose weight quickly doing various diets and workouts.

They start something new and drop a bunch of weight and keep it off.

Yay for them.

And then, there are some people in life who have to work harder on losing the weight even tho they workout all the time.

Coach Nassi calls these “slow adapters”.

I am the QUEEN of slow adapting – lol.

I mean it took my 2.5 YEARS to lose my weight 🙂

It also meant I had to be quite rigid with my food. Cheat meals and wine for SURE, but for the most part I had to really follow a nutrition plan than kept me on point.

It’s not fair. I hate being a goddam slow adapter.

But it’s ok….all the workouts I do and weights I lift just make me stronger than ever.
and that’s pretty cool too.

If you are a slow adapter, you should join my club. Only the coolest people spend years losing weight.

But really, join our Macronutrient challenge that starts Monday and get a plan you can follow that will produce results.

As you are a late-sign up just call Katie at 905 556 1430 to register…

More info can be found here tho:

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