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Coach Andrew lived on Jif and white bread and used to physically recoil at the mere mention of a pepper.

Yes, Coach Andrew the dude who lost 80 pounds at 10,000 Strong, the dude who became a personal trainer and now a vegan juice guru was once mortally afraid of vegetables.

That's right, our tumeric loving, avocado blending, animal activist Coach Andrew used to have a very limited selection of foods he would eat, and well, his health and body suffered.

So what happened? Did I dunk him in Misty’s holy water? Did I slap him on the forehead and pronounce him cured?


All I did was introduce Andrew to new ways of thinking, drinking and eating.

His wife Lianne was instrumental to his success, but i’d like to think that our open, honest and super easy clean meal plans played a part. I'd like to think that our no-pressure and UBER flexible approach was just what he needed to plunge into the world of juicing and plant based eating. I'd like to think that by simply being shown new ideas, he became brave enough to embrace new foods.

Of course, he worked out consistently at our studio through the weeks and adopted a “baby steps” approach but over the course of the year he lost 80 pounds and his skin simply glows.

Andrew is just another shining example of the type of internal and external transformations we do at 10,000 Strong. We will make you strong with our unlimited boot camp schedule and we will make you glow with our sensible meal plans.

Stop holding on to that extra 40 pounds, stop walking around like a zombie and stop feeling trapped by the foods you eat.

Come and try us out for 2 weeks and all a sudden you’ll start shedding a skin and you’ll become vibrant, happy, strong and motivated…

It’s just one small step after another so buy your trial here:

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