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So the thing is…change sucks.

It's really, really fecking hard. Like to the point where you would rather stick with the safety of what you know, rather than try to push your way through something new.

I get it…I really do.

I mean, we all know the "safe" way is NOT working. The easy route is actually taking you further away from your goals, wants and desires BUT…we hold on to the faintest of hopes that one day, if we keep smashing our head into a brick wall, ONE DAY the safe route will pay off.

And I am here, on this bloody freezing Toronto morning to say: You are DEAD wrong.

Ya see, the only time I have ever seen successful weight loss story is when the person undertook something major. Something new. Something scary.

They finally realized that the gym wasn't cutting it, their "learn to run" program was not going to be enough or maybe they actually need to stop drinking to lose weight.

And, once that realization took hold, they actually went out and did something about it.

They joined the scary boot camp, they took on a proper nutrition program or they finally ditched their addictions.

I see WAY too many people tell me that they are NOT getting results, they are NOT feeling stronger and that they HATE the gym…but then, those same people keep doing the same, dam thing….every dam day.

Relentlessly they trudge to the gym only to reward themselves with a bag of chips and glass of wine afterwards.

And we all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Let me be the first to tell you that while you may find me scary, you my find my training program scary and you may be clinging to your red wine bottle like your life depends on it…

….I can promise you that when you resign yourself to change and trust-fall into something new…

…I can promise that you will be so happy you did.

You just gotta trust that it will all come out OK in the end. Just lay back and succumb to the discomfort of change and learn to breathe in this new air.

So, it's trust-fall time. I'm going to invite you to face your fears and grab a 2 week test drive to our elite fitness and nutrition program. Just jump in…bite the bullet…and as they say in the T Dot: git r dun:

I'm here to catch you. Of that you can be sure.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

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