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Keeping sane in your crazy life

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Well, I am amidst boxes. Again.

The last time I packed up mine and Sam’s stuff was when I left my ex-husband. I actually lived out of boxes for weeks and weeks!

But this time is different. This time I am ahead of the game and moving won’t be such an physical and emotional explosion.

But yeh…my condo looks like something out of an LCBO Minecraft right now as I am scavenging all my moving boxes from various LCBO’s…I figure they owe me a few.

But, the problem with moving, or any big life event, is that it really screws with your schedule. I have already missed a boot camp workout last week due to running around and getting the new house sorted…

…but, I am going to do the best I can to get my 5 workouts in. 

WHY? Because while it can be hard to add working out into an already stressful and crazy schedule….it is actually the only thing that will keep you sane.

You need the workout to keep you calm. You need the workout to keep you level headed and you need the workout to stop you from diving into a keg of Hagen Daaz.

I know. When your schedule already feels so full and your time already seems stretched so thin…working out just feels like one more pressure, one more “thing to do”.

But trust me. The working out is the ONLY way to actually keep all those plates spinning. Making sure you have this mental and physical release HELPS you take care of more stuff, helps ensure you DON’T lose control and makes sure you remain the Super Hero Mom or Dad that you need to be…

…every day.

I know you don’t believe me so I am inviting you in to try it out for 12 days.

I even have a full Detox plan for you to follow too so you can really become the zen and centred person we all know and love.

The Detox program starts this weekend so you are really running out of time to register.

The Detox is 12 days long and when you emerge out the other side of this program you will be truly unstoppable.

More details and registration is here:


Let’s do this!!

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