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Knowing your fitness-personality is GAME CHANGING – PART 1

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I went to an event that will change EVERYTHING for you.

See, i’m a massive believer in self-education and mentoring. I think that in order to be the best, you must surround  yourself with people that are better.

I think that the minute you stop learning, is the minute you start to slide.

And so, I went to a Gifted Entrepreneur Summit downtown.

This summit was filled with headliners including my fave: Robin Sharma.

But, the piece of advice that I am going to share with you over the next 48 hours actually came from a lady called Gretchen Ruben. 

Gretchen is the brains behind the Happiness Project and what she shared with me on this day will change your fitness results forever.

Ok, be warned, these emails will be longer than most but I need to explain a few things.

Here goes:

Gretchen believe that there are basically 4 personality types:



Rebels and, 


Obligers are people pleasers who work well with deadlines for other people but often struggle with their own commitments. 

Upholders are people who are very strict with both internal and external commitments. Upholders have no problems sticking with resolutions or promises but on the other hand have a hard time being carefree when it comes to rules and policy.

Questioners are people who have an intrinsic need to question everything before committing to anything and need facts and data to help them make decisions or commitments.

Rebels are those who feel tied down by making plans and would prefer to do things on their own schedule without anyone dictating timelines and schedules.

Phew…Ok….so lets twist this into fitness and then I will give you the evening to decide which type of person you are, you can email me back and let me know, and then tomorrow we will find the resolution….ready?


Obligers are those who, in fitness, work better with others. They need a group environment, they need accountability and they need to be pushed by a trainer. They are not very good at keeping promises by themselves. This means that while Obligers make a promise to get up every day at 6am and go for a run…they won’t ever do it. 

If they promise themselves they will lay off the wine or sugar, they will struggle committing to this inside promise.

However, tell an Obliger that they must be at boot camp at 9:30am because the trainer is expecting them and they will be there. Tell an Obliger that they must check in daily when giving up sugar and its fine.

Obligers need other people when it comes to working out and nutrition.



Upholders are the type of people that when they say they are getting up at 6 am every day to run, they dam well do it.

If they want to give up wine, they have no problems staying the course and if they make a New Years Resolution to stop staying up late…an Upholder will stick to it. 

Upholders do NOT need the help of anyone else to help them achieve their goals both internally and externally.

Upholders though have a hard time when the rules are not present. Free thinking and swaying from the plan creates anxiety and a feeling of being out of control. Upholders live and die with adhering to their fitness plan and change is NOT an option.

Upholders require structure in their fitness and nutrition program which can both a help and a hindrance.



Questioners need facts. They need to know HOW many calories they are burning, how much fat they can lose and how many workouts they need to achieve their goals.

They will question any information provided to them to ensure they are getting all the details needed to make the right decision for them. In fact, decision making is often delayed many years due to the information-gathering portion of the decision making.

If you are a Questioner trying to find a proper fitness program, you may spend months or years trying to pin point the proper fitness program for you.

Questioners are knowledgable and patient people, but sometimes slow to act.



Rebels will do what they want and when they want to. Rebels will not take direction from others and will never tie themselves down to a single program, venture or workout.

Rebels hate making fitness plans with someone else because they do not want to feel obliged to show up. Rebels would prefer to initiate their own workouts on their own schedule.

Rebels need unlimited space to create and unlimited options to pursue.  Just don’t ask if you can come along 😉

Ok, i’ll leave it there for today.

I want you to figure out which person you are and get back to me for tomorrow I am going to provide you with the exact program you will need in order to ensure you stay on track.

If you have already made up you mind that you need a bit more help then jump in here for a 2 week test drive. We got all your personality types covered:

Till tomorrow!

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong Obliger.

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