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Last Call for the 12 day Cleanse

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So this is the last day for the registration for the 12 day, back to school, get your body back blitz.

Summer is HARD on your weight loss goals and so now life is getting back on track it’s time to focus on YOU!

I have a few spots left on for the Clean Slate Detox….my 12 day food, juicing and workout plan that will de-bloat and blast fat.

Over 60 people are on this list and if you have not joined us yet, I must say I am surprised…

It’s 12 days of done for you meal planning, workouts and juicing that has been created to shrink your stomach faster than ever.

Not only will you lose the summer tummy, but you will have boundless energy and sugar and salt cravings will no longer rule you.

Your 12 Day Clean Slate Detox includes:

[+] A day by day progressive-cleanse meal plan.
[+] An unlimited class schedule so you can workout as many times as you want.
[+] Access to our free Thyroid Seminar so you can learn how to protect and heal this metabolic mistress.
[+] Short term, laser focussed program with life-changing results.
[+] A opportunity to work with the best trainer and nutritionists in the GTA.
[+] Unbelievable support and motivation.
[+] Metabolic training so you can ramp up your own fat burning ability.
[+] Small group classes that are personalized to your level and fitness goals.
[+] An air conditioned, indoor, state of the art studio.
[+] Elite personal trainers who are invested in your success.
[+] A step by step guide to help you prepare all the meals and juices.
[+] A once in a lifetime chance to do something really amazing for your body and soul….do NOT miss out.
WARNING: This program does not guarantee you “overnight ripped abs”. I cannot sit here and promise you will “drop 4 dress sizes in 12 days” and I certainly won’t tell you that this program is “easy or effortless”. Nope. But I can say that this program will change your life. Now that is not an exaggeration.

So look, there are a few more spaces left and we would love to have you.

Sign up here:

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Misty “not prone to exaggeration at all. Ever. In a million years.” Mozejko

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