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Last Chance Saloon – [$19 disappears forever]

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People tell me all the time, the reason why they don’t juice is because it’s a little daunting. It’s a little intimidating and well…celery juice sounds gross.

Well, yes, celery juice IS gross. This is why I don’t juice it.

Instead, I juice delicious things like apples, spinach, ginger and cucumbers.

Or maybe carrots, pears and lemon.

Oranges, kiwi’s and kale…

I don’t juice anything that make’s my toes curl. I mean, I have in the past. When I first started juicing I made some real doozies. They were more like swamp water than a delicious, refreshing, belly-bloat-blasting beverage.

And so it’s taken me a while to comprise a list of the most healing, the most de-boating, the most fat burning juices that taste so good even your kids will want them…

Finally,  I have those juice recipes ready to share. I aligned them with a detoxifying meal plan too and by the time you have eaten and juiced you way through the 19 days of deliciousness contained in this cleanse, you’ll weigh less, you’ll fit back into your pants and you will have more energy than ever.

Those who have done this cleanse report nothing short of outstanding results. Krista M lost 11 pounds on this plan and is going to continue juicing forever.  Sandra B is down 11 pounds after this completing this plan and I have never seen her so lean.

Now, you can also get your hands on this nutrition program and follow along from home. It’s called Juice That, Eat This and inside that 35 page book I have laid absolutely everything out for you.

There are grocery lists, instructions and tips and tricks. There are 19 days of meal plans which you can simply recreate in your own kitchen. The juice recipes are there and I have even included my Tasty Juice Blueprint so you can mix and match and make your own concoctions with the kids.

But, this is the LAST day I am selling it at $19. Tomorrow it goes to it regular price of $47 and the pricing jumps up at midnight.

More information is in the link below(you can pay in there too). Once you payment has been received, your E-book is delivered within 24 hours.

Sound good?

Just go here:

Yes! You will need a juicer for this plan but I have recommended some really cost effective options inside!

Talk soon

Misty “juice junkie” Mozejko

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