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Laziest Personal Trainer Of The Year Award goes to….

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Today I have watched 3 Tom Hanks movies. Apollo 13, That Thing You Do and Castaway (duh). My son finally got the stomach bug that’s been ripping it’s way through our town and so we get a movie day on the couch….

But, the thing is, I keep getting these annoying messenger notifications from my friend. She’s already done her bloody upper body tabata workout at the gym this morning. She’s already done a 70 minute walk…she even prepped delicious banana bread protein muffins…

…and all i’ve done is bicep curl the remote.


And so, I promised I would charge my Fit Bit and go for a run while Sam recovers on the couch. I promised I would charge my Fit Bit instead of leaving it dead in my desk drawer. I promised I would do all that and so once I have written this email…i’m gonna do just that.

Now, you’d think that the owner of a boot camp could self motivate. You’d think that the woman who lost 120 pounds, became a personal trainer, a nutritionist and weight loss author could *maybe* get her shit together and workout WITHOUT her BFF prompting her.

Errrrrr. Nope. Do I look like that chick who won American Ninja?

So look, let me take a little time today to remind you that if I need to be prodded and motivated to workout then don't forget that even Misty, with all the fitness accolades and her own personal nomination for Personal Trainer of the year also needs prodding. With a Cow Gun.

And so, it's quite alright for YOU, my dearest reader, to also need a push too.

It’s quite fine to NEED a group of people to keep you accountable. It’s quite ok to rely on our trainers to push your limits.

It’s 100% natural to lean on me and use all my meal plans and weight loss programs when you just cannot be bothered to think of anything new for dinner.

You are NOT SUPPOSED to do this alone!

As humans we thrive in communities. We prefer the company of others. We succeed in our goals as teams. 

To be truthful, this community approach to weight loss and strength building is why people flock to 10,000 Strong…and then, never leave.

So listen, give yourself a break. Let me take the reigns for a while. You don’t need to keep bashing your head against that boring GoodLife wall anymore. Come try us out for 14 days – no obligation I promise:

It doesn’t have to be for a life time, but it does have to be for a while.

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