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My Son looks pooched. His face is beet-red, sweat is pouring down his face and I can almost see his heart beating out of his rib cage. 

But he is also focused and smiling.

He might be dying from the high cardio training…but he is having fun doing it.

His arm’s might be ripping out of their sockets, but he is loving his boxing training.

His class uses lots of team work and tonnes of fun games and exercises to keep him challenged but not bored…and while the clock ticks slowly for the onlooking parents, I know that his 45 minute session will be over in no time for him.

Why? Because he is having fun. He is working with his team. He is mentally and physically engaged in his workout.

And sure, 10,000 Strong workouts don’t always focus on fireman carries and piggy back rides, but we do spend the entire 30 minutes actively engaged as a team. We work together and ensure the workouts will kick your ass and make sweat pour down your beet-red face while also knowing that our sessions will be the most motivating and inspired 30 minutes of your day.

Just like my son’s boxing class, our workouts are creative, interesting and always contain something new to keep you on your toes.

We want you to not only have fun, we want you to sweat. We want you to not only learn something new but we want to keep challenging your muscles so they strengthen and change.

We want you to leave that workout feeling accomplished.

Tired. But accomplished.

Actually, my most favourite part of the day is watching all my boot campers leave the studio with a healthy glow, a tired smile and a satisfied look in their eye.

Look, working out isn’t just about hitting the weights with the bone-head muscle-muppets at the gym. It’s not supposed to be about punishment, yelling and boring yourself to tears on the treadmill.

A good workout should enhance your body and your mind. It should LIFT YOU UP and make your day BETTER. It shouldn’t be something you dread and avoid.

If your workouts follow you around like a thunder cloud all day then maybe you need to start thinking about joining my boot camp where the only thing we focus on is using your workouts as mental and physical pick me up…

Doesn’t that sound good? Don't you want to LOVE working out?

You can start tomorrow ya know. It is a Monday after all 🙂

Your 2 weeks of AWESOME WORKOUTS start here:

You deserve this ya know. You really do

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