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Reading is an escape for me…I love to read fictional brain candy like the Shop-a-holic Series for sure…but I love also reading really good business books and health books.

I think I read every day.

I love how the non-fiction expands my vision and makes me think.

I love to learn new things from really successful people.

I am reading ASK by coach Ryan Levesque right now.

The one thing I am learning, besides the business tools, it how to live a life you want.

There is a very big difference between living the life you have and the life you want.

Living the life you have is safe, routine, consistent.

Living the life you want is scary, risky and not guaranteed.


living the life you have will probably never result in any major gains.

You won’t be stunningly rich, you won’t travel extensively, you won’t sit around drinking mimosa’s while your team make you money…

If you break free and live the life you want…you actually have a chance at all of this.

Say we bring this back to fitness…and you want to live the life of a super toned, super energetic, flat stomached woman.

BUT…you are not willing to turn your life around and jump in with both feet.

You do the same gym routine, eat the same foods, wear the same raggy gym clothes.

You don’t reaaaaaally, truly commit to the lifestyle of health you want.

Then you won’t get anywhere…or if you do…it will take 5 years.

In his book Ryan committed to an 8 week Japanese boot camp before moving his entire life to Japan for his dream career.

18 hours a day for 8 weeks he studied the language…if he spoke English at any time he would be kicked out.

It was hell for him, but he wanted it, he committed to it and he got it done. These days, Japanese business people are gobsmacked at his proficiency in the language.

And all because he jumped in and truly immersed himself in the one thing he wanted to do.

This email could speak to many people differently, but if you are looking for an 8 week intense fat loss course and to fully immerse yourself in the boot camp and eat clean culture, I suggest you look into our Summer Bogo.

As you can see, a lot can be accomplished in 8 weeks 🙂

Talk soon

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