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Let your weird light shine bright

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I am probably the weirdest trainer in this industry.

I mean, after all, this industry is designed to make everyone conform into a very static version of what is considered healthy.

In the personal training world, everyone is supposed to walk around like they just stepped off the cover of Oxygen.

You are supposed to enjoy flat abs all year round and your quads should enter the room before you do.

But I am not that person.

I don’t fit my industries standards.

God forbid I ever do! Who wants to be vanilla anyway?

So if you are feeling like you don’t belong in the fitness world…that’s ok.

If you are feeling out of place at work or maybe within a certain group of friends don’t feel ashamed or try to change your personality.

If there are some parts of your life where you think you don’t belong…be there anyway, in all your non-conforming glory.

Yesterday, a really famous guy in the email marketing world sent out an email that called me a “world famous fitness coach”….immediately I began to shrink and think “oh my god…I really need to step up my game” or “jeez, I should probably publish a book or something….”…

But then, I remembered, that in order to be remembered and loved, you have to be yourself.

Now, to anyone reading this who is worrying that they would never join my boot camp because they wouldn’t “fit in”, rest assured we are all a bunch of weirdos and freaks.

We have members for all over the world. We have members of all shapes and sizes.

We have members who swear like truckers during workouts and we have members that are quiet and focussed.

We have dog loving members and crazy cat ladies too.

We have men who have lost 80 lbs and women who have gained 15.

We have people who consistently wear their pants inside out a the 5:30am workout.

We have members who are neat freaks and members who leave their bra’s on the bathroom floor.

We have them all.

This isn’t some Bally Fitness Commercial.

Most of us look like hunger crazed zombies by the time the workout is done…we even walk like it too.

So let your weird light shine bright and join us for a 2 week test drive.

Just email” class=”validating”> and let him hook you up.

Talk soon

Misty “queen of the workout weirdos” Mozejko

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