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Let’s not kid ourselves. Wine Happens.

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I don't like Barbies.

I never liked them as a kid and I sure don't like them as an adult.

Fitness Barbies, you know, the ones that live in a bubble of clean eating, super hydration, plankton eating and kale-snorting are probably really amazing people. They probably inspire, motivate and help lots and lots of people. Instagram is their play ground. Facebook is their showroom.

And, to be fair, people flock to them in hopes that a little bit of clean living will rub off on them.

But see, here's the thing. Fitness models are like 2% of the population. Maybe less. And yet 80% of women strive to look like that. 

So, we have the majority of the world aiming to look like 2% of the world..

…And yet the world is getting fatter and fatter.

So. Yep. The fitness model idolization plan is clearly not working.

And so I come forward with a new plan.

A plan where you can drink wine. A plan where you don't kill yourself at the gym. A plan where chips and dip can be a thing if you want.

Not like every day…but when the mood strikes,

My plan reminds you that fitness is not a race. Health is not sprint. You have time. You can take a year or 2 to sort yourself out. In fact, i'd be wary if it took any less than that.

My plan understands that you are not a robot. My plan knows that a few drinks means a LOT more laughs. My plan includes shenanigans with friends and knows that you don't plan on spending the rest of your Saturday nights drinking a gallon of water while chewing on goji berries.

We are too old for that deprivation shit.

Wine will be drank.

But, at the same time, workouts will be done, healthy foods will be eaten and living a life with a more energetic outlook will be lived.

As long as you understand that this switch will take a little bit of time and that you will need our team of personal trainers and nutritionists to make to happen….you can actually have everything you want.

You can join the converted for a 2 week trial here:

Adults only 😉

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong: a nutrition and wine drinking program.

PS: tomorrow I have a granita recipe for you. You can keep it virginal with no booze…or you can dirty it up and add some vodka…. #drunkennutrition is a thing guys.


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