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Lies, Myths and Skinny Models.

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Honey, lemon, cayenne and water. That's what they were drinking. Yeh, it was touted as THE weight loss plan of the 90's. Supermodels were supposedly downing this elixir (and ONLY this elixir) to maintain their super slim bodies. And…well, if you just drank this magical detox drink…you could too.
Now, that drink is good for one thing…stimulating your digestive system. But that's about where it ends. There is no magical combination in this drink that will melt fat off your body…who comes up with this stuff???
What’s sad is that when we are desperate to lose weight we will try just about anything for a quick fix. Yes, even spicy water. Misty told me she even tried the Cabbage Soup in an effort to drop pounds. I'm glad we didn't squat together back then…..
But, you know what? Weight loss isn’t a quick fix. It isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. Weight loss, and I’m talking about true fat loss, takes time.
It takes consistency. It takes determination and it takes planning. It means asking for help from an expert. Asking for help from someone who has been there and gone through what you are going through.  
Take it from me…the guy who lost 80 lbs. last year and became a Certified Personal Trainer. The quick fix band aids don’t work!
Lucky for you, I do know what works and I want to share it with you.
I have an amazing juicing protocol and meal plan created by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Misty Mozejko (FYI, it took her 2.5 years to lose 120lbs…nothing quick about that but it did stay off).
This 19 day cleanse will help you jump start your weight loss and repair your body from the inside out. This will help lay the ground work and keep you motivated to make it work….forever.
Caution: There are side effects to this plan. 
– Loss of inches
– A flatter stomach
– Not feeling bloated anymore.

You will have more energy than ever before. You will clear your body of toxins and all that nasty gunk that has been building up inside you.

Your pants will become looser and your smile will become bigger. You'll feel slimmer, lighter and less wobbly in under 3 weeks.
The meal plan is designed to make you feel full on foods that are healthy and clean. The fresh juices are there to heal your body and de-bloat your belly. Your grocery lists, tips and tricks and as well as Tasty Juice Blue Print will tie this whole program together and make it the easiest follow along weight loss plan you have ever done.
Click the link and pick up a copy of our Famous 19 Day Cleanse: Juice This, Eat That! It’s a complete done for you plan that our members rave about.
Remember…there is no quick fix for fat loss, but why not jump start your journey and get those results you deserve.
Squat Ya Later
Coach Andrew

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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